Who we are

Leveraging on more than 70 years of expertise, we provide to maritime customers an integrated offering of bridge electronics, on board  and maintenance services, as well as satellite communications through the Marlink Group.

We provide to more than 3,000 ships -merchant shipping, cruise and ferry companies, superyachts and fishing vessels- servicing contracts and marine electronics solutions designed to improve navigation safety and operational efficiency.

We are certified distributor of all major bridge technology manufacturers, and expert in safety & regulations. We offer a global 24/7 service desk with more than 100 highly qualified technicians and engineers combined with a network of more than 1,250 service points supporting maritime customers worldwide.

During 70 years of service excellence, Telemar has grown significantly. Our offices in Italy, UK, Germany, Finland, Norway, China and USA are fully integrated with Marlink’s global network of 22 offices, ensuring value to customers in key global shipping Regions.

Compagnia Generale Telemar SpA sole-shareholder company subject to the direction and co-ordination of Marlink AS (Norway)

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Why choose us

  • 70+ years of unrivalled expertise
  • 1 in 3 vessels served globally
  • Global Servicing Network: 1,250+ service points
  • Integrated portfolio of broadband communications, bridge electronics, onboard services and maintenance
  • Multi-technology satellite communications: C-, Ku-, Ka- and L-band connectivity
  • Fully Managed Services for your peace of mind: from consulting to installation, plus training, maintenance and professional support
  • 24/7 global customer support
  • 16 000+ 16 000+ Service intervention Worldwide
  • 100+ 100+ Technician & engineers in all main ports
  • No.1 No.1 Maritime VSAT provider
  • Global Service Network Global Service Network 1250+ service points

Our mission

Our cutting-edge portfolio of integrated bridge solutions and marine electronics has been designed to improve navigation safety and operational efficiency.

As part of the Marlink Group, we bring the power of smart connectivity solutions to customers worldwide, helping them to digitalise their remote business operations wherever they are.

Our values

We have turned the innovations taking place in the telecommunications world as an opportunity to supply solutions to the maritime industry.

We have achieved a leading position thanks to our integrated business model, recognized by the shipping industry as the most efficient and effective because it combines a global service network and a well-established partnerships, alongside contracts that offer simplicity and an integrated response to all Shipowner requirements.


    As consultants, we advise, design and install the right equipment and solutions to meet customer’s requirements, in compliance with maritime regulations.


    We are committed to the highest standards of reliability and reciprocal trustworthiness, acting with absolute professional integrity.


    We support maritime customers through a global service network of 200+ associated service companies worldwide