Secure & reliable
connectivity wherever you are

Whether you're at sea or in a remote land-based site, reliable connectivity is essential for success. We offer a technology-agnostic approach, collaborating with leading satellite network operators to deliver fast, low-latency connections and guaranteed uptime.

Our solutions are customised to meet your specific needs, providing ample bandwidth to keep your operations connected. With our resilient global coverage and future-proofed satcom and terrestrial hybrid network, you can trust us to keep you connected anywhere, anytime.

Global, multi-band VSAT

Prioritising flexibility, performance, stability and quality of service, we provide VSAT communications with the most extensive global coverage, backed by our expert customer support network.

Leading NGSO integrator

Partnering with SNOs to combine low-latency LEO and MEO connectivity, backed by our high-quality infrastructure and dedicated 24/7 customer support.

Trusted terrestrial solutions

We seamlessly integrate fibre, microwave and 4G/5G/LTE to create a resilient hybrid network that connects your remote sites to the cloud.

with leading providers

you, wherever you are

We combine our multi-band satellite coverage (L-, C-, Ku- and Ka-band) with mobile and terrestrial links (fibre, 4G/5G/LTE, microwave links or global MPLS backbone) and unique digital solutions to ensure your applications are always available and secure in any location.


Communications targeted to your business needs with regional and seasonal flexibility, that are always available and secure in any location.


Different solutions for permanent and occasional communications that can be deployed as mobile or fixed installations.

Onshore & offshore energy

Custom, fully managed communications for your rigs and vessels, designed to ensure maximum reliability, security and efficiency. 

Future-proofed &
resilient connectivity

We design, build, and operate network solutions that enable you to think bigger, innovate faster and operate smarter, no matter where you are.



Reliability like no other. We design our networks to ensure you stay connected.


Customer Support

Expert Network Operation Centre (NOC).


Years of Experience

Designing satellite and network solutions for merchant shipping, cruise, onshore and offshore oil and gas, humanitarian and NGO, and government operations.


Satellites and 100+ beams

To offer uncomparable connectivity solutions.


Dedicated field service engineers

Focus on what is important to you, knowing you have the support of dedicated field service engineers within the Marlink Group in over 135 countries.


Bandwidth to meet your needs

Have the flexibility to adapt your bandwidth levels to meet your operational needs.


Coverage for land and sea

Wherever your operation takes you, we can deliver connectivity to help you achieve your goals. From fixed solutions, to mobile and on the go.



Thanks to our partnerships with all the leading SNOs we can integrate low-latency connection in to your existing network.


managed solutions

With 24/7 expert customer support, service management, local maintenance and repair, customer portal for traffic monitoring.


We provide Possibilities. Anywhere.

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