Portable Safety equipment

Solas Convention brought to the shipping industry over the past 100 years a continuing improvement in Safety standards and many important innovations.

Those innovations have gathered pace with digital electronics increasing the capacity to communicate more clearly and navigate more accurately.

Telemar product range include extensive and flexible range of electronic products which have been carefully designed and built for harsh maritime and offshore environments.

  • Maritime portable VHF/UHF Radiotelephones

    VHF and UHF maritime portable radios enable essential, highly reliable handheld communication on-board during operations at sea. Product range include models for every purpose including standard portable VHF and UHF to GMDSS and ‘Wheelmark,&...

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    Telemar product range include many different device versions for all kinds of application and mounting accessories. Products are designed to operate in rescue system (SAR) and GMDSS environment.

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