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Autopilots uses advanced ship steering control network technology to steer a ship safely and
efficiently. Capable of tuning itself to adapt automatically to the ship’s load characteristics and
weather conditions.
Autopilots can be installed on electro-hydraulic system only.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully self-tuning, adaptive heading control
  • Manual selection of steering strategies to suit weather conditions
  • Meet requirements of all major classification companies
  • Efficient Fuel Consumption
  • Track Control (ECDIS)
  • Control Area Network (CAN)
  • Override for Evasive Manoeuvres
  • RAI (Rudder Angle Indicator) available as additional feature
    It can be associated with the electric main steering system (steering wheel, tillers, BWs command,


  • Autopilots (Heading Control System) is mandatory for ships of 10,000 GT and above
  • RAI (Rudder Angle Indicator) is mandatory for ships of 500 GT and above
  • MED approved