Glass Bridge Console

Glass Bridge Console

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Our Glass Bridge Console is an Integrated Bridge System created by the Telemar Yachting Division partnering with Pariani, a world-class leading Company in fields such as design and production of innovative Electronic Equipment.

The Glass Bridge Console integrates an array of diverse and essential technologies for safe navigation. Radar and chart plotter, together with windscreen, wipers and horns, deliver an ultra-modern integrated system with elements of stunning aesthetics, suitable to any luxury vessel’s bridge.

This solution, based on the most reliable technology available nowadays, is the result of avionics and commercial ships backgrounds, combined to meet customers’ requirements on aesthetics.

It is also an highly flexible solution that can be customized based according to your needs, as long as compliants with the class guidelines for safe operations.

This Console, already installed on a variety of luxury vessels worldwide, takes the contemporary use of Touch to the next level by providing responsive access to all the essential bridge controls and safety systems via a single layer of high quality glass covering the entire console.

It is a Based on Just In Touch (JIT) system, that represents the state of the art of capacitive technology. The JIT system improves your experience and allows a minimal stylish design, granting at the same time high safety while operating the system.

Advanced Diagnostic And Maintenance (ADAM)

Advanced Diagnostic and Maintenance features is a powerful application for a real-time continuous diagnostic of the Command Bridge. It’s a part of the Virtual Bridge.
The Diagnostic can monitor:
• Single module error
• Extended Bus error
• Extended Power Supply Line error
• Lamp Test Error (indicators, backlights, alarms)
• Advanced reset control

Main Features

  • Buttons/Keyboards management
  • LED technology indicators, alarms and backlighting with RGB color and dimming capabilities
  •  Joystick and trackball management
  •  3rd parties discrete I/O, Protocols and Backlight management
  •  Integrated LCD instruments repeaters
  •  High reliability and safety granted by redundancy based design
  •  Lamp test capabilities
  •  Built-In-Test capabilities
  •  Easy connection to the vessel system using wago connections