Maritime Iot- BridgeLink

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BridgeLink is a unique platform that has the power to centralise, standardise and maximise the value of a wealth of onboard data, and display and transmit it in real-time – to help you achieve the safer, more efficient and more sustainable vessel operations the future demands.

Designed specifically for the maritime environment, BridgeLink is easy to adopt and completely compatible with your operating systems onboard regardless of provider. Transform vessel performance, reduce costs and advance your digital ambitions with BridgeLink.


IoT Marlink Bridgelink



Centralise and display vessel data in real time

BridgeLink is a truly end-to-end solution for capturing, standardising and utilising all on board data to transform fleet efficiency. It is a holistic and scalable IoT solution that will work on every vessel, whatever your systems, to safely transmit and display all operational data onshore within seconds.

  Reduce costs and maintain equipment

From fuel saving and route optimisation to ensuring regulatory compliance and making operations safer, BridgeLink can make a transformative impact – and extract maximum value from system data that’s currently going to waste. Collecting and analysing this data can take predictive maintenance to a new level, by intervening before a system malfunction occurs and keeping operations as efficient as possible

Rely on our IoT expertise and global presence

You can depend on our unrivalled expertise to customise BridgeLink so that it adds maximum value to your operations and support you with our global network. We offer a consultative approach and worldwide installation, enabling fully remote management alongside the ability to provide onboard and onsite support, when needed

 Customise to your operational needs

We know that every customer is unique and that an IoT platform must cater to the specific requirements of your business and vessel operations. That’s why we’ve developed BridgeLink with only maritime customers in mind, and with the scope to customise the solution to your exact needs

Standardise and simplify your vessel operations

With an array of proprietary, unconnected systems on board, you have many providers to manage and fragmented data. As a single platform compatible with all vendors and connectivity platforms, BridgeLink can capture and standardise the data from these fragmented systems and simplify and streamline the fleet’s IoT, future-ready for technology advances on the horizon

Publish data in your own cloud environment

BridgeLink is completely compatible with other vendors’ technology, such as cloud solutions, so can be fully integrated with your vessel OT environment to deliver data directly. This enables you to access operational data safely for your own analysis or for third party providers, empowering digital decision making


Harness the power of onboard data

BridgeLink is the universal IoT solution to unlock the data from your vessels and ensure it is fit for purpose to enable you to extract and deploy its value.

  • Designed specifically for the maritime environment
    Optimised for current and future maritime needs and challenges.
  • Easy to adopt, whatever your legacy systems
    Completely compatible with all your operating systems onboard, regardless of provider.
  • Centralise all data in one place
    Unifies and transmits a vast array of data types relating to nautical safety, scheduling & navigation, operations, maintenance and compliance.
  • Unrivalled data security
    Your data remains always secured and protected thanks to best-in-class encryption and VPN technology.
  • Makes your data accessible and useful
    Transmits and displays data in real time via a user-friendly portal on board and ashore.
  • An open solution to share your data
    Your data remains yours, not ours. Decide who can access your data and share it with your preferred 3rd-party suppliers.



Empower your decision-making

BridgeLink Monitor is the perfect tool to take your fleet operation monitoring to the next level to transform your fleet management, whatever your business.

Makes your data accessible and useful

Transmits and displays data in real time through highly customisable visualisations, on board and ashore.