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Onboard Services

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We support, co-ordinate and manage the logistics of servicing equipment on ships and offshore facilities worldwide.

No matter where your ships operate they will always have our total, dedicated support.

The Telemar Group is dedicated to provide full technical support and cost effective services to the International Shipping world through own service network in all the main seaports, and a network of worldwide authorized Agents.

In particular, we carry out our services through a global operational network of more than 200 associated service companies all over the world, and more than a 1,000 service stations.

We have set up an organization that combines expertise and know-how, financial resources, and a global network of Agents supported by offices located in strategic areas. Such network, at the same time agile and well-proven, is strategically located along the shipping routes and is able to respond quickly and efficiently.

All the Service Engineers we engage are trained and certified by the manufacturer of the equipment to be serviced.

Telemar manages 10,000+ service calls and 100,000+ hours yearly by Service Engineers on board: we are where the end-users are to better support you with solutions that will drive value for your business.

We  resolve service calls successfully at first attempt with an average effective rate of 85%.

Leveraging on our strategically located warehouses  of spare parts for a wide range of equipment from various manufacturers, we are able to act and react on short notice calls and to focus on customers’ satisfaction.

Furthermore, our Telemar World Service (TWS), a monitoring web application, represents a unique value-added feature in the market.

TWS provides  to our customers and partners worldwide:

  • Comprehensive information on the services rendered on board
  • Coordination of the service requests
  • Progress status of repairs, diagnosis and valuable management information for the Shipowners.



    Through our solidly implemented pre-sale activities we can provide best support to our customers by jointly selecting first-class suited solution for any specific need from our range of available options, to respond efficiently and effectively.


    Relying on our deep knowledge of market and customers we can thus take on all the activities inherent to equipping new buildings with the full bridge equipment solution, including feasibility assessments, integration and customization, project lay-out and implementation.


    We manage all logistic and operational aspects of the installation requirements: from delivery on board to carrying out the installation. We deal with programming and integration with the existing systems, as well as equipment commissioning, handing over, training and certification.