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At Telemar we specialize in cutting-edge Navigational Bridge integration, ensuring vessels are equipped with the latest technology and safety features. Our expertise extends beyond new constructions; we excel in seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art bridges and customized solutions into existing vessels through meticulous project management.

We design, engineer, integrate and operate your bridge solutions.

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We got you covered all along the way. We support you with a range of project services, see below to discover the solution you need.

New builds

Choose Telemar to have the best partner for supporting you during the whole process: from keel laying to ship’s delivery.

Navigational Bridge Retrofits

Elevate your vessels with advanced navigational systems tailored to meet the demands of modern maritime operations.

Up to Date

Telemar will provide you the most recent type-approved technologies and will support you in every certification phase.

Customized Communication and Entertainment Systems

We provide bespoke solutions, including satellite communication systems, TV and satellite signal processing, V-Sat solutions, and more.

Radio and Anti-Piracy Solutions

Enhance safety and communication with our specialized GMDSS, anti-piracy measures and citadel phone solutions.

Functional Diagnoses and Repairs

Rigorous testing for cables and antennas ensures optimal performance and reliability. Trust our experts for in-depth functional diagnoses of SatCom and radio equipment, coupled with efficient repairs and installations.

How we

At Telemar, we're here to support you. With our global reach, innovative solutions, and expert team, we ensure you receive the best support wherever you are. Count on us to deliver tailored solutions and expert assistance for all your needs.

Global Reach

Serving shipyards and navies worldwide, we bring our expertise to your doorstep, ensuring seamless project execution across diverse locations.


Stay ahead with our commitment to innovation, offering the latest advancements in maritime technology for enhanced safety, efficiency and entertainment.

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Expert Team

Our dedicated team of professionals combines experience and innovation to deliver tailored solutions catered for your specific needs.

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