D’Amico Group, RINA and Telemar Set to Create a New, Cutting-Edge Operating Centre for its Global Fleet

Friday 1, June 2018

D’Amico Group, a world leader in maritime transportation in the Dry Cargo and Product Tankers sectors, RINA and Telemar have partnered to build a new fleet digital operating centre in Rome, Italy. The new centre will increase data collection from ships and provide greater detail on performance criteria to enable d’Amico Group to increase efficiency and safety across the fleet.

The project, which officially started at the beginning of May 2018, is an example of an increasing trend towards digitalisation within the maritime industry. As well as providing d’Amico Group with intelligence about operations on which to base strategic business decisions and operational improvements, the level of information from fleet vessels will enable expert support during emergency situations and efficient planning of predictive maintenance to maximize vessel availability.

Within the three-way partnership, RINA will manage automatic data acquisition onboard the ships and subsequent analysis and presentation of the data collected. Telemar will provide secure satellite communications from the global fleet to the operating centre, using its sister company Marlink’s global, multi-band VSAT network. Marlink’s involvement with Telemar is critical to the project as it boosts expertise in cyber security and brings experience in ensuring safe, reliable communications from ship to shore. d’Amico Group will take an active role in the project, providing technical specifications and validation of the overall set-up for the system and in particular of the design of monitoring, layout and alerting rules.

The FOC project for RINA means adding another important brick to the just released cloud digital platform named RINACube that has the ambition to host many marine services and to be open to integrate third party data and applications. RINACube will be the solution to offer to ship owners and ship operators a new concept of data monitoring and analysis platforms and to provide powerful analytics capabilities in order to extract value and business insights from data collected.

With its industry expertise and dedicated software resources, digitalisation services are a growing part of the RINA business, both core (i.e. e-certificates) and more innovative. Its understanding of naval architecture, the knowledge of international and local regulations and its third-party attitude to independently validate data from different sources provides a 360° set of skills ship operators trust and rely on.

In addition to delivering fast, secure, digital, fully managed smart connectivity across the d’Amico fleet with Marlink, Telemar’s position will be leveraged to securely link on board operational technology to the digital framework. Telemar and Marlink combined may bring their capacities, such as expertise in navigation equipment and bridge electronics maintenance, which is evolving towards smart maintenance and connected assets management, to co-create with Rina and d’Amico suitable enablers of the new digital operating centres. Telemar and Marlink’s combined expertise gives complete peace of mind that operations will remain secure and protected from hackers – a factor that must be considered in our modern, connected world. If there is any loss to communication signals due to poor satellite coverage, in the Norwegian fjords for example, the system is designed to log data locally on board the ship and synchronise with the control centre once communications are restored.

The new d’Amico operating centre will be completed around the end of the year. As a three-way partnership, the companies involved in the project bring together strong skill sets to ensure a smooth and successful outcome. Once complete, there will be further opportunities to integrate other software systems into the platform to further increase efficiency and visibility throughout the d’Amico business.

Salvatore D’Amico, Fleet Director at d’Amico:

We are very proud to be part of this project where together with RINA and Telemar we are planning to develop from scratch a fleet control centre built around the shipowner. In d’Amico we believe that this is the next step to make our ships safer in an industry where the margin for mistakes is zero.


Paolo Moretti, EVP Marine Strategic Development at RINA:

RINA is very excited to be involved in the process of building this fleet digital operating centre with experienced partners like d’Amico Group and Telemar. In today’s marine industry, digitalisation is pivotal to improve efficiency and safety. This project will bridge digitalisation, strategic decisions and operational excellence together.

Pasquale Golia, Technical Director of Compagnia Generale Telemar:

Together with RINA and d’Amico, along with support and services from Marlink, we are building a next generation global digital solution that will enable d’Amico to improve performance across its fleet and business, helping it to grow and prosper in the highly competitive global shipping market.

About d’Amico

d’Amico Group is a leading Italian family-run shipping company operating on a global scale. The core business is focused on the management and operation of dry cargo and product tankers vessels, also providing international shipping services.
d’Amico has an advanced technical department made up of highly qualified personnel. Thanks to this, a wide range of in-house technical management services are provided for the Groups’ ships and, on request, for third party clients, guaranteeing 24/7 early assistance. d’Amico Group carries out audits and inspections on board ships to ensure that the highest standards of international compliance are respected, aiming to exceed client expectations. Every on board inspection is used as an opportunity to understand the crew’s company culture, including their vision, mission and policy. d’Amico also offers maintenance services on the ships thanks to a specialized team which is renowned in the shipping sector.
d’Amico Group has always been committed to its client needs. Operational safety and concern for the environment represent its core values, with the continuing professional development of the team and investment in a substantial state of the art and eco-friendly fleet amongst the top priorities.

About the Marlink Group

The Marlink Group is the world’s leading provider of end-to-end managed connectivity and IT solutions. The group which includes Marlink, Telemar, Palantir, Livewire Connections and OmniAccess, provides maritime and enterprise customers with an integrated offering of reliable broadband communications and IT, digital solutions, bridge electronics, and flexible service and maintenance.
The Marlink Group’s unrivalled portfolio of multi-band communication solutions covering Ku-, Ka-, C- and L-band services is augmented with mobile and terrestrial links and an industry-unique range of digital solutions. With more than 1000 employees worldwide, the Group serves enterprise and maritime customers globally, including: Shipping, Offshore, Cruise & Ferry, Yachting and Fishing, as well as Mining, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Humanitarian & NGO, Media & Events.
The Marlink Group delivers solutions with unrivalled service and support through an enhanced global footprint, including a network of sales and service locations ensuring customer proximity. Our 24/7 service desk, local presence on all continents and a network of 1250 service points staffed with highly qualified service engineers support our customers globally to operate their business in an ever smarter, safer and more profitable way.
More than 70 years’ experience, combined with our strong satellite network and hardware manufacturer partnerships, enables Marlink to bring the power of smart connectivity solutions to customers worldwide, helping them to digitalise their remote business operations wherever they are.
The Group is led by Erik Ceuppens as CEO.

About RINA

RINA provides a wide range of services across the Energy, Marine, Certification, Transport & Infrastructure and Industry sectors.
With a turnover in 2017 of 437 million Euros, about 3,700 employees and 170 offices in 65 countries worldwide, RINA is a member of key international organizations and an important contributor to the development of new legislative standards.


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