Merchant Shipping

Telemar has unique know-how and expertise in the technical and operating needs of merchant and cruise ships, for which it has developed a complete range of products, services and applications.

Our customers know that they can rely on us as the only worldwide company capable of combining the integration of all services and a significant critical mass, in terms of resources and skills.

Your Benefits

  • Easy integration and consulting
  • Problem prevention
  • Thinking up solutions in advance
  • Streamlined assistance: “Take shipping easy”
  • Physical and operating proximity
  • Ready 24/7 global servicing
  • Maintenance Contract on on-board equipment so to minimize unexpected cost
  • The latest equipment without overloading budget

Navigation equipment

Telemar Navigation product portfolio is suitable for:

  • IMO and Class approved ships
  • Yacht and super yacht
  • Fishing
  • Cost guard and patrols boats
  • offshore and merchant marine

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Communication equipment

Our technology offer is shaped and constantly improved by years of direct end users feedback. Telemar is a Certified Partner and Onboard Service Center for most important manufacturers.

Products are suitable for the following market segments:

  • IMO and Class approved ships
  • Yacht and super yacht
  • Fishing
  • Cost guard and patrols boats
  • Offshore and merchant marine

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Portable Safety equipment

SOLAS Convention brought to the shipping industry over the past 100 years a continuing improvement in Safety standards and many important innovations.

Those innovations have gathered pace with digital electronics increasing the capacity to communicate more clearly and navigate more accurately.

Telemar product range include extensive and flexible range of electronic products which have been carefully designed and built for harsh maritime and offshore environments.

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Satellite equipment

Telemar provides Satellite Communications equipment and technical solutions for all types of vessel and allowing to fit any customer’s needs.

Our offer ranges from MSS equipment to VSAT antennas in Ku- and Ka- Band, from the most reliable manufacturers in the market.

We do not just source and supply the right equipment. We consult, advise, install and commission equipment and systems to meet legislative requirements and customer’s specific needs.  We provide to customers our total support, with a comprehensive range of worldwide services, from specification and installation to maintenance and repair.

Proven experience and expertise, as well as up-to-date knowledge ensures equipment is fit for purpose and delivers excellent performance.

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Satellite Connectivity

Telemar and Marlink are the largest provider of satellite connectivity on the market. Our extensive portfolio of high-speed connectivity services empowers day-to-day business operations for shipping and tanker companies, cruise lines, ferries, yachts and super yachts.

Our Group offers a broad range of satellite communications solutions ranging from global on-demand MSS services to regional, multi-regional and global Ku-band, C-band and HTS ready maritime VSAT systems.

We offer a number of expertly designed solutions and tools all seamlessly integrated into one connectivity package, allowing our customers to optimize vessel operations and enhance crew welfare, while complying with ever-increasing regulations, staying connected to their corporate network, and trimming their communications budget

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